Participating in trivia can help you stand out from others

We recently wrote about how your dating profile is important and how Twolips improves on the traditional idea.

Traditional dating sites rely on your answers to questions like, “Who are you?” and “What kind of books do you like?” Our approach is a little different. While we do ask you to shortly describe yourself and where you’re going in life, we also ask you actual questions about the world that you may or may not know the answer to.

For example, you will have the opportunity to take short quizzes about the Olympics, Exotic Animals, or even Stars Wars Characters. You aren’t forced to take any quiz, so don’t feel overwhelmed. Pick whatever you’re interested in! In fact, focusing on what you like is a good way to build up a reputation and profile around specific subjects so you can attract people with those same interests.

One way that our system focuses on building your profile and presenting it to others is based on your answers to trivia, questions, and quizzes. Answering questions from the science category, for example, will show off your profile to others who are interested in meeting someone with the same interest in that category.

TriviaQuizSidebarMake sure to complete as many quizzes and answer as many questions as possible in order to build up the most accurate profile so that you can attract the right people. Those who complete questions and quizzes will be listed to the side of each item so that others can contact or follow them.

Increase your visibility to potential friends by completing as many quizzes as possible.

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