1. Josh Krugen

    So in the joint account and personal account subject I kind of disagree with that way of thinking because you typically have one partner that makes more than the other correct? Not saying all but MOST. So wouldn’t it be safe to say that if that person keeps there personal account personal and they make more they get to play more and the other person has to feel subordinate to the one that has more money to throw around in there personal account. Why not just put all of the money into one pot and take a little money out of that pot to put into savings that way it feels and seems that both partners contribute to the lot and leave it at that. So many times I see couples that do your guys way with the personal accounts in my opinion because it makes the person that maybe does not make the best choices in life with there finances or was unfortunate and got a low paying job and you know they are doing the things they need to do when it comes to job seeking and trying. Should the person that is trying to become something but hasn’t made it there yet should feel like less of a person because they can not contribute to the pot like the other person can? I feel that in a relationship that everything in the pot is for each other’s use and to not seclude any personal money earned and put it all in and contribute a set portion monthly that meets both of each other’s income guidelines. Two is always better than one they say and that comes to play here. Join and contribute to one checking and bill account and one portion into stocks or something. That way yes one person makes les but they work hard and deserve all the same freedoms the other does.

    • twolipsblog

      Hi Josh. Thanks for the very thoughtful reply. There are certainly plenty of ways that a couple can work things out through healthy communication and discussion. The keyword there is “communication”! As you say, not all relationships are the same and may require a bit of tweaking depending on the situation.

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