New features to keep track of your progress with each quiz

When we first added the ability to complete quizzes and games on Twolips, we did not have any good way of informing the players of their progress after finishing. With our latest update, we intend to fix that problem by improving the two ways in which we display quiz results and effects.

Most of us can agree that completing something should result in some sort of display which informs us of how we performed. Did we get a good score? Who else got a similar score? How many points did I get? Did I unlock any prizes? These are just a few of the questions we want to answer.

When you view any quiz that you’ve already completed, you will now see the following box:QuizCompletionYou’ll see your score (raw and percentage), how many points you earned from your correct answers (out of a total that you could have earned) and options to share those scores with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

In addition, immediately after you complete any quiz, you’ll see a popup which notifies you of any achievements unlocked as a result of completing the quiz and your progress towards other “collection” achievements such as Points Obtained, Quizzes Completed, and Tags Awarded.

AchievementUnlockedThis should offer an incentive to keep going and complete as many activities as possible so you can unlock all existing achievements.

Have any more ideas about what should happen when you complete activities? Let us know.

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